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The objective of the International Atomic Energy Agency programme in Human Health is to enhance the capabilities in Member States to address needs related to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of health problems through the application of nuclear techniques. The mandate arises from Article II of the IAEA's Statute: the Agency shall seek to accelerate and enlarge the contribution of atomic energy to peace, health and prosperity throughout the world. The Human Health Division is part of the Nuclear Sciences and Applications section Department at the IAEA.

The IAEA's programme in Human Health, (NAHU) currently maintains two separate web sites:

  • www-naweb.iaea.org/nahu: The organizational home page, part of the IAEA website. This site describes in detail the range of NAHU's efforts and activities.
  • humanhealth.iaea.org (where you are presently): This site is also organized by NAHU, and has been created as a resource for health professionals to find organized and dependable professional materials.

The IAEA Human Health Campus professional website is has been created and maintained by the division of Human Health at the IAEA. The aims of the website are to (1) serve as a dependable resource for radiation health professionals (2) highlight material available in Agency reference documents and other relevant resources and (3) provide a space and technological foundation for the future integration of web based resources and learning material in IAEA NAHU projects.

Comments/suggestions are welcome and can be submitted using the "e-mail us" link at  bottom of the page. Like all IAEA  publications, all Agency produced material is available electronically free of charge. 

The IAEA officers responsible for the creation and maintenance of the Human Health Campus website are: 

Diana Paez                      (Nuclear Medicine, Radiopharmacy, Nuclear Medicine Technologists) 

Eduardo H. Zubizarreta   (Radiation Oncology) 

Jan Wondergem              (Radiation Biology) 

Adam Kesner                  (Medical Physics) 

Cornelia Loechl               (Nutrition) 

Maurizio Dondi                (Project Manager)

External contributors:

Bandong Irene S. Philippines Marks Lawrence USA
Barton Michael Australia Mijnheer Ben Netherlands
Carvalho Giovanna Brazil Mut Fernando Uruguay
Coffey Mary Ireland Nuñez Margarita Uruguay
Cure4Kids USA Perrin Rosalind UK
Datta Niloy India Reis Pedro Portugal
Decristoforo Clemens Austria Roca Isabel Spain
Ferrando Rodolfo Uruguay Reis Pedro Portugal
Fox Richard Australia Roca Isabel Spain
Galeta Vitaliy Ukraine Solanki Kishor UK
Giammarile Francesco France Souhami Luis Canada
Gray Joel USA Steve Mather UK
Hanna Gerry Ireland Stevens Graham New Zealand
Keng Felix Singapore Stojkovski Igor TFYR of Macedonia
Khairullah Noor Malaysia Verbruggen Alfons Belgium
Leech Michelle Ireland Vidal-Sicart Sergi Spain
Llamas Augusto Colombia Vikram Bhadrasain USA
Mariani Giuliano Italy VirRAD Community