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Database & Statistics

This database is available online and is being updated on a regular basis with information provided to IAEA by nuclear medicine centres or national/regional organizations.

DIRAC database

Since 1959, the IAEA has maintained a registry of radiotherapy hospitals and clinical institutions having radionuclide and high-energy teletherapy machines, called DIRAC (DIrectory of RAdiotherapy Centres). The database represents the results collected from international surveys, and is continuously updated. The database, and information about it.


The aim of NUMDAB (NUclear Medicine DAtaBase), is to gather and maintain updated information regarding the status of nuclear medicine practice around the world.

The database is focused at collecting data on individual nuclear medicine facilities, with information on manpower and equipment, along with isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals employed. Other relevant data such as procedures performed and educational needs are expected to be registered as well. The database, and information about it.