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Database & Statistics

These databases are available online and are being updated on a regular basis with information provided to IAEA by nuclear medicine centres or national/regional organizations.

DIRAC database

Since 1959, the IAEA has maintained a registry of radiotherapy hospitals and clinical institutions having radionuclide and high-energy teletherapy machines, called DIRAC (DIrectory of RAdiotherapy Centres). The database represents the results collected from international surveys, and is continuously updated. The database, and information about it.

Secondary Standard Dosimetry Laboratory Network database (DOLNET)

Since 1976, the IAEA has maintained a register of dosimetry laboratories in the IAEA/WHO SSDL Network. SSDL members are requested to submit their annual report to the IAEA. Based on this data, up-to-date information about available calibration services is included in the DOLNET. Member States can use this database to see what calibration services are available in a specific country or search which laboratories can provide a specific service.


The aim of NUMDAB (NUclear Medicine DAtaBase), is to gather and maintain updated information regarding the status of nuclear medicine practice around the world.

The database is focused at collecting data on individual nuclear medicine facilities, with information on manpower and equipment, along with isotopes and radiopharmaceuticals employed. Other relevant data such as procedures performed and educational needs are expected to be registered as well. The database, and information about it.

IAEA Doubly Labelled Water (DLW)

The IAEA Doubly Labelled Water (DLW) Database comprises global data on energy expenditure measurements made using the stable isotope method of doubly-labelled water analysis. The database presently includes data from over 20 countries and includes over 6500 DLW measurements between 1981 and 2017. The database welcomes data submissions and proposals for analysis using the data.

Dosimetry Audit Networks (DAN)

The Dosimetry Audit Networks (DAN) database provides information on dosimetry audits in radiotherapy and the status of audit activities in different countries and world regions. The purpose of creating the database was to benefit both, the auditing groups, which could compare their activities and exchange their experiences, and medical physics community which would have an overview of dosimetry audits available and information how to access them. The database, and information about it

IMAGINE - IAEA Medical imAGIng and Nuclear mEdicine global resources database

IMAGINE is a comprehensive compilation of medical imaging and nuclear medicine resources, with information on resources from over 170 countries and territories. The present version showcases data in world maps and several charts, as well as snapshot of key elements in the growing database.

IAEA Global Database

There is an increasing interest in global health across the institutions around the world. With a number of ongoing regional and global initiatives in Radiation Oncology, Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging, it is often challenging for organizations/individuals to know who else is engaged in their area or region of interest. There is currently no single database that collates all the initiatives around the around and provides up-to-date list of engagements in any particular region or institution around the world. This database through IAEA, will be the first such repository of international activities globally.