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NCRP Statement on Quality Assurance and Peer Review of Tissue Reactions Associated with Fluoroscopically-Guided Interventions

NCRP statement No. 11 (December 31, 2014) is intended to clarify recommendations given in the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) Report No. 168, Radiation Dose Management for Fluoroscopically-Guided Interventional Medical Procedures (NCRP, 2010). It provides detailed recommendations for a facility’s QA-PR process and recommendations for administrative practices for the evaluation of known or suspected FGI radiation injuries. Facilities typically investigate and characterize all unusual medical events via a QA-PR committee composed of professional peers of the involved practitioner. Evaluating those radiation management processes and practices discussed in this Statement shall be a part of an interventional service’s QA-PR program.

NCRP Report No. 168 emphasizes that the safe performance of FGI procedures requires controlling radiation dose in order to prevent unexpected or avoidable tissue reactions and to minimize the severity of medically unavoidable injuries. It also provides guidance for controlling dose and for patient post-procedure follow-up. Similar guidance has been provided by professional societies and by several national and international Organizations.

This statement was drafted by a group of professionals from interventional cardiology, interventional radiology, medical physics, and the regulatory community.