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Canada Health Infoway

Introduction to Canada Health Infoway

Infoway is an independent not-for-profit corporation created by Canada’s First Ministers in 2001 to foster and accelerate the development and adoption of electronic health record (EHR) systems with compatible standards and communications technologies. Funded by the Government of Canada, Infoway works with the country’s ten provinces and three territories to implement private, secure EHR systems, enabling best practices and successful projects in one region to be shared or replicated in other regions.

Resources for PACS Sustainability and audit

Digital imaging, coupled with teleradiology, is a powerful tool for both a host radiological facility and to an extended set of clinical users.  For a well designed, constructed and commissioned radiology facility to operate effectively, the management should follow recognized standards.  In the case of a digital imaging facility with connectivity, the principles and criteria of good practice need to be especially applied to the areas of training, support, and equipment life cycle including maintenance and various aspects of equipment quality assurance. These principles can then serve as standards or metrics for audits designed to assure sustainability of service.

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Infoway shares with authorized persons both the technical and business knowledge gained from the projects in which it invests, to facilitate a broader adoption of EHR solutions. These projects generate knowledge and learning that Infoway captures in "toolkits", a collection of documents which emerge from a project such as case studies, templates, plans, reports and other documents. Infoway Toolkits are designed to help future projects, in the health sector, by reducing the risk, time and cost of implementing a project.

This DI Toolkit was created through a collaborative partnership between Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) the Fraser Health Authority, in British Columbia and the Thames Valley Hospital Planning Partnership in South western Ontario. The DI Toolkit brings together the experience and skill of these teams in designing, procuring and implementing shared DI Solutions.

The main benefits can be summarised as:

  • Reduced time and cost of implementing a project. It is estimated that a best practice implementation based on effective use of knowledge and reusable technical components contained in the toolkit could result in a 20-30% reduction in project costs.
  • Use of the Toolkit at numerous replication sites will ensure greater community support and expertise that can be shared to address specific problems.

All files within the DI Toolkit can be accessed by applying for a Canada Health Infoway Passport at:


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