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Consultants' report

The Dosimetry and Medical Radiation Physics (DMRP) section is involved in providing guidelines for proper quantification of nuclear medicine images. These efforts set the stage for patient-specific dosimetry, a requirement for therapeutic nuclear medicine but also useful for diagnostic procedures.

Sophisticated methods of dosimetry are generally required in therapeutic nuclear medicine in order to provide predictive indices of tissue toxicities. Studies using patient-specific dosimetry have demonstrated the ability to establish dose-response relationships for toxicity avoidance.

The role of internal dosimetry in diagnostic nuclear medicine is to provide the basis for stochastic risk quantification. Once this risk is quantified, it may be used to optimize the amount of administered activity in order to maximize image quality while minimizing patient risk.

This report follows a consultants’ meeting held in 2011 to review current guidelines for internal dosimetry in nuclear medicine, and to provide recommendations for international harmonization of this field.