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Site planning


Planning for a new radiotherapy facility requires a systematic approach. A master plan for the construction of a radiotherapy facility is required. The master plan would incorporate information on the environmental, legal, technical and professional aspects related to developing a plan for the construction of a radiotherapy facility.

Important Principles

Legal issues include the right to the site and that the regulatory infrastructure to support the safe and effective installation of radiotherapy treatment units is in place. Environmental issues could include geotechnical surveys to confirm flood lines, earthquake zones and ground conditions, i.e. high water tables and soil characteristics. Technical issues include facility design, consideration of electrical and fire services, and a project risk assessment. Provision of service for both brachytherapy and external beam radiotherapy should be addressed. Professional aspects include a plan for provision of radiotherapy staff including the education and training of staff prior to the arrival of radiotherapy equipment. Time frames for completing each aspect of the master planning process should be developed.

Introduction to References

The IAEA Publication “Radiotherapy Facilities: Master Planning and Concept Design Considerations” provides guidelines for establishment of a radiotherapy department. It should be read in conjunction with other relevant IAEA publications (Setting up a Radiotherapy Programme and Planning National Radiotherapy Services: A Practical Tool). The IAEA publication SRS No. 47 provides comprehensive advice on design of radiotherapy facilities for radiation protection as does the NCRP Report 151.