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Image analysis tools

AMIDE. AMIDE is a free tool for viewing, analyzing, and registering volumetric medical imaging data sets. AMIDE can also be used to format and export static or moving images.  AMIDE can open various types of 2D and 3D imaging data.

FSL. FSL is a software library that offers many analysis tools for MRI brain imaging data. It includes tools for linear image registration (FLIRT), non-linear image registration (FNIRT), automated tissue classification (FAST) and many others. FSL supports NIfTI and Analyze file formats, among others.

ImageJ. ImageJ provides a wide array of image processing operations that can be applied to 2D and 3D images. In addition to basic image processing (filtering, edge detection, resampling), ImageJ provides some higher-level image analysis algorithms. ImageJ is written in Java. ImageJ can open many common 2D image files, as well as DICOM format medical imaging data.

ITK-SNAP1. ITK-SNAP is a tool for navigation and segmentation of 3D medical imaging data. ITK-SNAP implements the active contour automatic segmentation algorithms by Caselles et al. (1997) and Zhu and Yuille (1996). It also provides a dynamic interface for navigation in 3D images. Several tools for manual delineation are also provided. ITK-SNAP can open many 3D image file formats, including DICOM, NIfTI and Analyze.

MITK, Medical Imaging ToolKit. It is a C++ library for integrated medical image processing and analyzing developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its main purpose is to provide medical image community a consistent framework to combine the function of medical image segmentation, registration and visualization. The syntax and interface of MITK has been designed to be simple and intuitive. Now MITK is a free software and can be used freely in research and education purpose.

OsiriX. OsiriX is a comprehensive PACS workstation and DICOM image viewer. It offers a range of visualization capabilities and a built-in segmentation tool. Surface and volume rendering capabilities are especially well-suited for CT data. OsiriX requires an Apple computer with MacOS X.

3D Slicer. Slicer is an extensive software platform for image display and analysis. It offers a wide range of plug-in modules that provide automatic segmentation, registration and statistical analysis functionality. Slicer also includes tools for image-guided surgery. Many file formats are supported.