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Workshop on Uncertainty Estimations for Radiation Measurements

3-7 April 2017, IAEA, Vienna



Uncertainty estimations and international traceability are required for radiation dose measurements. The benefits of high dosimetric accuracy have been recognized particularly in radiotherapy, where the outcome of treatments is dependent on the radiation dose delivered to patients. When considering radiation protection and diagnostic radiology dosimetry, the uncertainty may be greater than for radiation therapy, but proper traceability of measurements is no less important. 

Workshop topics

This workshop will provide the participants with practical information on how to prepare uncertainty estimations for the calibrations preformed in SSDLs. Additionally, the participants will be provided with an understanding of the methods used for the assessment of various uncertainty components and given guidance on how to report measurement uncertainties related to their calibration services in a way that is consistent with the international Guideline for Uncertainty Measurements. The main emphasis is in SSDL calibrations but the whole chain of dosimetry from the primary laboratory until the end-user will be covered. Using tutorials adapted to practical situations, the candidates will learn how to prepare an uncertainty budget. More detailed information about the course and the nomination form can be found under Related Files.