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IAEA support to Medical Physics VideoSlides

Medical physics, as the discipline that deals with optimization and quality assurance in medical applications of radiation, is an important area of health care that requires support, in order to achieve the highest standard of diagnostic and treatment procedures. The IAEA is committed to support education, training and continuous professional development (CPD) of medical physicists worldwide to ensure the achievement of the highest level of quality and effectiveness of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures involving ionizing radiation.

To achieve this goal, the IAEA offers to Member States a variety of education and training tools and activities to the Member States.

The videoslides here proposed summarize IAEA activities in support of Medical Physics: development of free downloadable publications on Medical Physicists’ Education and Training, handbooks, guidelines for clinical applications and an education web platform.

Assistance is provided to Member States through dosimetry and audit services performed trough the Dosimetry Laboratory in Seibersdorf (Central Laboratory of the IAEA/WHO SSDL Network).

Competency building and support for national and regional projects in medical physics is also provided through Technical Cooperation programmes.

Research activities are supported and encouraged through Coordinated Research Activity projects.