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Nuclear Medicine Handbook slides

The IAEA has recently published the Nuclear Medicine Physics Handbook, which is intended for teachers, students and residents involved in medical physics programmes, and aspiring to serve as primary text for academic education and clinical training of Nuclear Medicine Medical Physicists in the IAEA Member States. The handbook provides a comprehensive overview of the knowledge required in physics, instrumentation and data processing for the practice of medical physics in modern nuclear medicine.

The book is comprised of 20 chapters and one appendix, beginning with a general introduction to the basic physics for nuclear medicine and progressing logically through a series of chapters addressing radiobiology, radiation safety, radionuclide production, non-imaging and imaging instrumentation (including gamma cameras, SPECT and PET scanners, and multimodality devices), image processing and reconstruction, radiopharmacy, quantitative nuclear medicine, internal dosimetry in clinical practice and radionuclide therapy. Each chapter concludes with a small number of references and suggested additional readings.

The technical editors and authors, selected for their experience and in recognition of their contributions to the field, were drawn from around the world and, thus, this book represents a truly international collaboration. The handbook was written to address an urgent need for a comprehensive, contemporary text on the physics of nuclear medicine and has been endorsed by several international and national organizations.

Additional training material, in the form of teaching slides, has been developed for each chapter of the handbook. They are designed, as an additional training tool to assist in the better presentation of the content of each chapter. Please, let us know if you discover any errors in the handbook or slides, or if you have suggestions as to the appropriateness of the content or its level. Please, respond in writing to dosimetry@iaea.org.

Dowload the Powerpoint version of the slides
Set of accompanying slides (pdf):

Chapter 01. Basic Physics for Nuclear Medicine
Chapter 02. Basic Radiobiology
Chapter 03. Radiation Protection
Chapter 04. Radionuclide Production
Chapter 05. Statistics for Radiation Measurements
Chapter 06. Basic Radiation Detectors
Chapter 07. Electronics Related to Nuclear Medicine Imaging Devices
Chapter 08. Generic Performance Measures
Chapter 09. Physics in the Radiopharmacy
Chapter 10. Non-Imaging Detectors and Counters
Chapter 11. Nuclear Medicine Imaging Devices
Chapter 12. Computers in Nuclear Medicine
Chapter 13. Image Reconstruction
Chapter 14. Nuclear Medicine Image Display
Chapter 15. Devices for Evaluating Imaging Systems
Chapter 16. Functional Measurements in Nuclear Medicine
Chapter 17. Quantitative Nuclear Medicine
Chapter 18. Internal Dosimetry
Chapter 19. Radionuclide Therapy
Chapter 20. Management of Therapy Patients
Appendix I. Artefacts and Trouble-Shooting