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Radiation Oncology Handbook slides

The IAEA has published “Radiation Oncology Physics: a handbook for teachers and students” aiming at providing the minimum level of knowledge expected of a medical physicist specializing in radiation therapy.

As a complement to the publication, a set of slides following closely the material in the book has been developed. The slides are designed to be useful to IAEA experts, as teaching material during training events, for students engaged in self-directed studies and for teachers and other interested professionals.

Please, let us know if you discover any errors in the handbook or slides, or if you have suggestions as to the appropriateness of the content or its level. Please, respond in writing to dosimetry@iaea.org.

Download PDF version of the book (19.04 MB)

Dowload the Powerpoint version of the slides

Set of accompanying slides for the handbook (pdf)

Chapter 1. Basic Radiation Physics
Chapter 2: Dosimetric Principles, Quantities and Units
Chapter 3: Radiation Dosimeters
Chapter 4: Radiation Monitoring Instruments
Chapter 5: Treatment Machines for External Beam Radiotherapy
Chapter 6: External Photon Beams: Physical Aspects
Chapter 7: Clinical Treatment Planning in External Photon Beam Radiotherapy
Chapter 8: Electron Beams: Physical and Clinical Aspects
Chapter 9: Calibration of Photon and Electron Beams
Chapter 10: Acceptance Tests and Commissioning Measurements
Chapter 11: Computerized Treatment Planning Systems for External Photon Beam Radiotherapy
Chapter 12: Quality Assurance of External Beam Radiotherapy
Chapter 13: Brachytherapy: Physical and Clinical Aspects
Chapter 14: Basic Radiobiology
Chapter 15: Special Procedures and Techniques in Radiotherapy
Chapter 16: Radiation Protection and Safety in Radiotherapy