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Other resources: Video presentation on EMERALD-EMIT, Medical Physics online multilanguage dictionary, MPI journal

In the video presentation available on this page, Professor Slavik Tabakov, President of the International Organization of Medical Physics (IOMP), Physics Reader in Medical Physics at the Kings College in London and Programme director for MSc Medical Eng. & Physics, MSc in Medical Engineering and Physics, MSc Clin. Sciences presents the e-learning website EMERALD-EMIT, in particular explaining how to use the web platform and image database, making the most out of this flexible tool. The history of the development of this comprehensive material is also outlined in the presentation.

The Multilingual Dictionary of Medical Physics and e-Encyclopaedia of Medical Physics will also be introduced and explained in this video, together with the IOMP Journal Medical Physics International (MPI), an online and free accessible journal entirely dedicated to education and training of Medical Physicists.