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Aims of Noninvasive Imaging in Cardiology

Diagnosis, prognosis, dilated cardiomyopathy, subclinical atherosclerosis, vulnerable plaque

Amalia Peix - Cuba

The Current Role of Nuclear Cardiology in Modern Health Care

Nuclear cardiology: diagnosis vs prognosis, evidence for cost-effectiveness in CAD management, the need for quality studies, the role in prevention: asymptomatic patients

Fernando Mut - Uruguay

martinez lad

Cardiac CT - Emerging Role and Current Indications

Role of cardiac MSCT, potential clinical applications for MSCT coronary angiography, technical issues, contrast enhanced coronary artery imaging, applications of MSCT calcium scoring

Felix Keng - Singapore

Cardiac PET/CT and MRI

PET/CT: Myocardial perfusion, computed angiotomography, cardiac function, myocardial blood flow, endothelial function, myocardial viability, inflammation  atherosclerotic plaque, molecular imaging

MRI: Anatomy, ventricular function, myocardial perfusion, late reinforcement, RV infarction, microvascular obstruction, T2 Edema, acute chest pain

Erick Alexanderson - Mexico