L. Bodai

Stefano Fanti

At present I am full time employed in Nuclear Medicine, Associate Professor (sector MED-36, Diagnostic Imaging) at the University of Bologna, Director of Nuclear Medicine Division and of PET Unit at the Policlinico S.Orsola, Director of Specialty School of Nuclear Medicine at University of Bologna.
I completed my medical graduation in 1991 and my specialty in nuclear medicine in 1996, then started working as nuclear medicine physician (1997) at the nuclear medicine division of Maggiore Hospital (Bologna). In 1999 the project of PET Unit at S.Orsola Policlinic started, and I was identified as referent nuclear medicine physician, thus moving to the S.Orsola Hospital and participating to site planning and start up. In 2002 the PET Unit started and I was medical director as of the beginning; since then the activity grew up very rapidly. The PET Unit at present has a 17MeV cyclotron, a radiopharmacy with 10 cells and modules, 4 PET/CT tomographs. In last years the PET Unit carried out more than 12000 exams, resulting one of the most active in Europe. As of August 2010 I was nominated director of the division of nuclear medicine, a unit employing more than 50 professionals including 10 nuclear medicine physicians, radiopharmacists, technologists etc. In March 2014 I was in charge of reorganizing the metropolitan activity of nuclear medicine in Bologna, and then I was nominated as Referente of Nuclear Medicine Division of Maggiore Hospital.