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Giuliano Mariani

Since the year 2001 through 2014, Dr. Giuliano Mariani has been Full Professor of Nuclear Medicine and Director of the Postgraduate Specialty School in Nuclear Medicine of the University of Pisa, as well as Director of the Regional Center of Nuclear Medicine of the University Hospital of Pisa (Pisa, Italy). Prior to those appointments, as Associate Professor of Nuclear Medicine during the years 1994-2001 he had held the same positions at the University of Genoa and at the University Hospital of Genoa (Genoa, Italy). His prior career in both Internal Medicine and Nuclear Medicine started at the CNR Institute of Clinical Physiology and at the University of Pisa, shortly after his MD graduation in 1968 at Catholic University in Rome (Italy).
His academic career also includes an appointment as Visiting Scientist and Expert Consultant at the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health (NCI, NIH), Bethesda, Maryland, USA (between 1974–1978), and as Visiting Professor and Lecturer of Radiology at the Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (between 1986–1990).
Dr. Mariani’s interests span over virtually all clinical applications of Nuclear Medicine, including both diagnostic and therapeutic applications, with an emphasis on the development of novel techniques for radionuclide-based diagnosis and therapy of different tumours. He has published over 320 articles in international peer-reviewed journals. He is, or has been member of the Editorial Board of the most prestigious international journals of Nuclear Medicine and diagnostic imaging in general, among which European Journal of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging, The Journal of Nuclear Medicine, AJR American Journal of Roentgenology. In addition, Dr. Mariani has edited or coedited 20 books and authored or co-authored over 100 chapters published in books.
Starting in 2005, Dr. Mariani has received several appointments as an Expert Consultant of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA, Vienna) for carrying out and developing training programs for Nuclear Medicine throughout the world. These activities have included on-site visits to initiate and implement new Nuclear Medicine procedures, hosting recipient of IAEA Fellowships, lecturing at Regional Training Courses of the IAEA, participating in Coordinated Research Projects, and developing eLearning modules for distance learning initiatives of the IAEA.
In recognition of his established role as an “opinion leader” in Nuclear Medicine, Dr. Mariani has been named as Honorary Member of the Italian Association of Nuclear Medicine and of the European Association of Nuclear Medicine.