D. Paez

Diana Paez

Dr Diana Paez Gutierrez is the Head of the Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Imaging Section, Division of Human Health, Department of Nuclear Sciences and Applications at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).Born in Bogota, Colombia. Graduated in Medicine and Surgery at the Faculty of Medicine of El Bosque University, with a degree in Nuclear Medicine from the National Cancer Institute, Javeriana University in 1994. Attended fellowship trainings in nuclear cardiology at the St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and in Nuclear Oncology (PET) at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York, USA in 1997. She holds a master’s degree in Communication and Education from the Autonoma University in Barcelona, Spain. Dr Paez has interest in supporting countries in improving access to healthcare and in addressing disparity and diversity. She places special emphasis on strengthening the competences of nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging professionals worldwide, in particular by using information and communication technologies to expand the outreach of the educational activities undertaken by the IAEA. She strives to establish and strengthen cooperation with professional organizations to join forces and provide coordinated support and grant accreditation to IAEA training and conference participants.Dr Paez has published over 60 book chapters and articles in scientific journals. She is an avid lecturer, participant on scientific panels and has chaired numerous symposia and scientific meetings as scientific secretary.