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DATOL in English

Distance Assisted Training for Nuclear Medicine Professionals



Introduction to DATOL

DATOL consists of a comprehensive online set of training materials, available in English and Spanish, providing easy to understand descriptions of nuclear medicine procedures and science that underlies them. The emphasis is on the practical application of Nuclear Medicine procedures in a clinical setting.

The syllabus includes introduction to basic science and clinical nuclear medicine practice for basic Nuclear Medicine studies and multi-modality imaging (SPECT/CT and PET/CT).

The materials are available either for open-access or as part of instructor lead courses, which include formal assessment and certification.  Choose from the options below.

Open Access:                          Link to English Version                

Instructor lead courses:         Link to English Version                  


The Distance Assisted Training (DAT) programme for Nuclear Medicine Professionals was initially developed in 1994. Since then the training materials have been regularly updated and since 2009 these have been delivered on-line through DATOL. Formal national and regional training courses continue under direction of local authorities with a network of professionals providing a support base for students. Currently over 30 countries and about 600 students participate, with around 450 students having completed training with associated certification. 


The open access version of DATOL is designed for individual learners and teachers, well suited to continuing professional development (CPD) and in-service training that complements higher education courses. Formalized in-service training is an important component in vocational courses, preparing students for the nuclear medicine workforce. DATOL provides an important resource for this specific application, linking understanding with practical experience.

The open access version is being released in stages commencing with multi-modality imaging (SPECT/CT and PET/CT) in both English and Spanish.

DATOL for instructor lead courses

The existing format being used worldwide for structured training, which includes formal assessment and certification coordinated through National and Regional authorities, will continue. Students on these courses have access to workbooks and assignments and undergo formal examination that includes a practical component. Enquiries regarding this structured use of the DATOL materials should be directed to the DATOL@iaea.org