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International Conference IPET 2011

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The first International Conference on Clinical PET and Molecular Nuclear Medicine (IPET 2007) was held in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand, and attracted 286 participants from 76 Member States. Exceeding the previous attendance to the successful IPET 2007, the IPET 2011 held in November 2011 Vienna, Austria, had a major impact on the growing field of clinical PET, bringing together more than 350 professionals in the fields of Nuclear Medicine, from 79 Member States. The over 40 International renowned experts in the field, covered a wide range of topics related to Clinical Applications of PET, Radiopharmacy, Radiation Protection and Dosimetry. 

The main objectives achieved at the conference were:

  • The evaluation of the current status of clinical PET, molecular nuclear medicine and related radiopharmacology, with emphasis on cancer;
  • The reflection on the challenges of establishing PET in developing countries;
  • The delivery of supporting know-how via continued professional education programmes in the rapidly growing field of molecular imaging;
  • The improvement of the performance of clinical practice through read with experts sessions and workshops;
  • The interaction with user groups (nuclear physicians, radiologists, technologists, radiographers, radiopharmacists, radiochemists, medical physicists and other scientists working in all aspects of molecular nuclear medicine) and dissemination of the most important information in the field;
  • The exchange of information on the current advances in the field among leading clinical scientists from developed and developing countries;
  • The identification of future challenges and directions.