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IAEA QC Atlas for Scintillation Cameras -2003

Nuclear medicine professionals deal with various medical images almost daily. Often, however, they may not be aware — as a result of the limited information available to them or of a lack of experience — of possible image problems, among them abnormalities in the image and various artefacts. At times, even when it is eventually seen that an image is incorrect, it is already too late to take any remedial action, for example in the case of images with crystal hydration at various stages. To provide nuclear medicine professionals with an assortment of examples of possible image errors and problems, this Quality Control Atlas has been produced under the auspices of the IAEA, through technical co-operation projects and research and technical contracts. About 250 typical nuclear scintillation camera images — normal images as well as those showing abnormalities and various artefacts — have been collected in this volume, all catalogued and provided with explanations as to the causes of and solutions to each individual image problem. This atlas is intended to be used as a guide on how to take proper quality control measures, on performing situation and problem analysis, and on problem prevention.