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International Course on Theranostics & Molecular Radiotherapy

International Conference 2017 - Theranostics & Molecular Radiotherapy

From the Joint Initiative of IAEA - Jules Bordet Institute - BELNUC course on Theranostics and Molecular Radiotherapy - 2nd to 6th of October, 2017. Brussels (BELGIUM)

Please find the links below to the PDF versions of each presentation below, in chronological order as per the daily programme. Enjoy.


MONDAY October 2nd, 2017

Physical Bases: Which Isotopes? - Silvano GNESIN (CHUV, Lausanne)

Radiopharmacy - Zéna WIMANA (IJB, Brussels)

Radiobiology of Radionuclide Therapy - Sarah BAATOUT (SCK, UZ Ghent)

Regulatory Aspects: Radiopharmacy (GMP) - Guy BORMANS (KU Leuven)

Regulatory Aspects: European Directives - Marleen VANDECAPELLE (FANC, Brussels)

TUESDAY October 3rd, 2017

Recent Developments of Oncology in NET - Marc Peeters (UZA, Antwerp)

Molecular Imaging of NET - Christophe DE ROOSE (KUL, Leuven)

PRRT in Management of NET - Ioannis KARFIS (IJB, Brussels)

SIRT in Neuroendocrine Tumors - Marnix LAM (UMC, Utrecht)

Intra-arterial Applications of PRRT - Georgios LIMOURIS (NKUA, Athens)

Predictive Biomarkers in PRRT - Patrick Flamen (IJB, Brussels)

Dosimetry - Silvano GNESIN (CHUV, Lausanne)

Activity Quantification for Dosimetry - Gwennaëlle MARIN (IJB, Brussels)

Radiopharmacy of SSTR Targeted Theranostics - Zéna WIMANA (IJB, Brussels)

MIBG Based Theranostics - Boudewijn BRANS (UZ, Ghent)

 IAEA Nuclear Medicine Initiatives - Rodolfo NUNEZ MILLER (IAEA, Austria)

WEDNESDAY October 4th, 2017

SIRT in HCC - Vincent DONCKIER (IJB, Brussels)

Oncology: SIRT in Colorectal Cancer - Alain HENDLISZ (IJB, Brussels)

SIRT: State of the ART - Marnix LAM (UMC Utrecht)

Interventional Radiology: Radiation Lobectomy / Segmentectomy - Michael VOUCHE (IJB, Brussels)

Resin vs Glass Microspheres: Physical Aspects - Stephan WALRAND (UCL, Brussels)

Predictive Dosimetry: BSA vs Partition Model - Silvano GNESIN (CHUV, Lausanne)

Y90-PET vs Y90-Bremstrahlung SPECT - Stephan WALRAND (UCL, Brussels)

Precision of Pre-SIRT Predictive Dosimetry - Hugo LEVILLAIN (IJB, Brussels)

Hepatic Scintigraphy for Liver Function Reserve Pre-SIRT - Marnix LAM (UMC Utrecht)

How to organize a Clinical Theranostics Trial? - Julie GAYE (IJB, Brussels)

THURSDAY October 5th, 2017

Current Guidelines related to I131-Therapy - François JAMAR (UCL, Brussels)

Recurrent differentiated Thyroid Cancer: Towards personalized Treatment based on Evaluation of Tumor Characteristics with PET - Andreas BOCKISH (Essen Univ., Germany)

Oncology: New Developments in Targeted Treatments - Giuseppe COSTANTE (IJB, Brussels)

Dosimetry: Guidelines and Case Study - Bruno VANDERLINDEN (IJB, Brussels) & Silvano GNESIN (CHUV, Lausanne)

Dosimetry: Clinical Considerations - Pierre BOURGEOIS (IJB, Brussels)

Radioimmunotherapy: Recent Advances and Current Opportunities - Mickaël BOURGEOIS (Nantes, University Hospital and ARRONAX Cyclotron)

Radiolabeled Antibodies in Breast Cancer - Géraldine GEBHART (IJB, Brussels)

FRIDAY October 6th, 2017

Molecular Imaging of Bone Metastasis - Hojjat AHMADZADEHFAR (University, Bonn)

Beta-emitting Radionuclides: Sr-Sm-Rh - Francesco CICONE (Rome, Italy)

Alpha-emitting Radionuclides: Ra-223 - Karolien GOFFIN (UZ Leuven, Belgium)

Molecular Imaging of Prostate Cancer - Carlos ARTIGAS (IJB, Brussels)

Image guided Radiotherapy in Oligometastatic Recurrent Prostate Cancer - Piet DIRIX (Antwerp, BELGIUM)

Therapeutic Landscape of Prostate Cancer: Place of Radionuclide Therapy - Wouter EVERAERTS (UZ Leuven, Belgium)

Lu177-PSMA targeted Radionuclide Therapy - Hojjat AHMADZADEHFAR (University, Bonn)