Event start date:
Sep 5, 2012 8:00:00 AM

Event contact:

World Molecular Imaging Society
5839 Green Valley Circle, Suite 209
Los Angeles, CA 90230
Main phone: 310.215.9730 310.215.9730
Fax: 310.215.9731

Dova Levin
Kim Pierce

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Event location:

Dublin, Ireland

Event dates:
5-8 September, 2012

World Molecular Imaging Congress 2012

The World Molecular Imaging Congress is commonly organized by the joint efforts of the “World Molecular Imaging Society – WMIS, the “European Society for Molecular Imaging – ESMI and the “Federation of Asian Societies for Molecular Imaging – FASMI.

WMIS is the world’s most advanced and leading society in molecular imaging, led by the senior academic and industry professionals who have widely recognized expertise in molecular imaging.

From basic sciences and pre-clinical to translational and clinical – WMIS’s footprint is expanding across the entire value chain.

We are smashing the industry silos, leading the innovation convergence, and optimizing the Discovery to Delivery process (D2D).

Our conference sessions focus on the D2D process as we power the molecular imaging industry by linking research with solid market outcomes.

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