Event start date:
Jun 28, 2016 9:00:00 AM

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Event location:

Vienna, Austria

Event dates:
28 – 30 June, 2016

ESNM Practical Learning Course on Imaging in Infection & Inflammation

The second edition of this course will be held again at the Division of Nuclear Medicine of the General Hospital Vienna (AKH) in Vienna.

The course is designed to provide the basic knowledge and skills on methods on radiolabelling of white blood cells (in vitro and in vivo) and procedures for quality controls, protocols for imaging acquisitions, post-processing and interpretations, imaging reporting as well as presentation of the most up to date guidelines/regulations for radiopharmaceutical preparation.

Attendees will follow the course of a patient undergoing a nuclear medicine procedure for the diagnosis of infection and inflammation from its first step in the department until the delivery of the final imaging report.

The educational objective of the course is to enable the attendee understanding of all the critical aspects of the nuclear medicine procedures for infection and inflammation imaging, in particular of radiolabelled leukocytes imaging, to make them able to impact on their clinical practice starting or improving the delivery of these nuclear medicine procedures.

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