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RPoP free material

On this page we provide links to training material related to the practice of nuclear medicine included on the  IAEA RPoP webstite.

The RPoP site contains information to help health professionals achieve safer use of radiation in medicine for the benefit of patients.

Free Material

The training material on this site is available for free downloading (subject to conditions specified in 'Intended use' and 'Disclaimer' below), and are on the topics of Radiation Protection in:



Image Gently training modules for Enhancing radiation protection in CT for children

Intended use

Approved training packages may be copied, distributed, displayed, incorporated in customized presentations and used for non-commercial use as long as the source of the material is referenced to the IAEA approved training package. Any commercial organization wishing to use the material of approved training packages for financial gain must first receive written permission from the IAEA to use the material and then reference the source.


If an approved training package is customized such that it is no longer consistent with international basic safety standards, the user must not characterize the result as an IAEA approved training package. If an approved training package is translated into any language/s other than the IAEA official languages, the IAEA cannot be held responsible for any translation errors or changes in context that result from the translation