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Guide on Clinical Standard Operating Procedures on the use of PET/CT: A Practial Approach in Adult Oncology.

Over the last 20 years, PET and PET/CT have revolutionized the care of cancer patients in the industrialized world. In fact, it has been and still is, one of the fields in medical imaging with the highest growth rate. There are several reasons for the rapid development of this imaging technology. As the population continues to age in many countries, cancer constitutes a major health problem world-wide, with an increase in incidence. In developed countries where heart diseases constitute the first cause of mortality, cancer is a close second one, and may eventually overtake the first place. Proper cancer management requires highly accurate imaging to properly characterize, stage, re-stage, assess response to therapy, prognosticate, and detect recurrence. This information is critical in a disease that oftentimes requires the correct initial treatment in order to improve the chance to succeed and cure the patient.

This publication is currently under review so it should be consider as a draft version of the final publication which is not available yet in the IAEA publications site.

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