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Standard Operating Procedures for PET/CT: A Practical Approach for Use in Adult Oncology

Written by experts from several continents, the book provides an up to date, evidence based and comprehensive overview of operating procedures for FDG-PET/CT imaging in adult oncology patients. The text is based on consensus and agreement among the authors, following a systematic approach of relying on personal experience and the available scientific evidence on all the subjects included. Due to the evolving nature of PET/CT imaging, which is a rapidly growing technology, this publication will undoubtedly need to be updated on a regular basis. It may well be that each PET/CT centre will have to modify the recommendations provided here to suit its own particular circumstances, according to, inter alia, the type of scanner, patient population, use of intravenous contrast, availability of FDG, professional staff experience, local regulations and preferences of referring physicians.