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EED Technical Meeting 2015

Day 1

IAEA’s Contribution to Improved Improved Nutrition and Health – The Use of Stable Isotope Techniques for Developing, Monitoring, and Evaluating Nutrition Interventions
Cornelia Loechl

Session 1

Intestinal barrier failure in EED: What do we know
Paul Kelly

Pathobiology of EED
Mark Manary

Intestinal infection and inflammation in severely malnourished children
Simon Murch

Plenary Q&A

Session 2

Role of gastrointestinal bacteria on health
Michael Blaut

The intestinal microbiome in action – revealing the functions of individual members in health and disease
Alexander Loy

Understanding the role of gut microbiota in acute malnutrition
Simon Murch

Plenary Q&A

Day 2

Session 4

Iron fortification and the gut microbiome
Michael Zimmerman

Plenary Q&A

Session 5

Environmental Enteropathy, oral vaccine failure and growth faltering in infants in Bangladesh
William A Petri, Jr.

Use of fecal host transcripts as biomarkers of EED
Sophia Agapova

Plenary Q&A

Breakout Session C & D Plenary Feedback

Summary of proceedings and discussions: Day 1 and 2
Mark Manary

Session 6

Assessment of Environmental Enteropathy in MAL-ED Study
Margaret Kosek

The Sanitation Hygiene Infant Nutrition Efficacy (SHINE) trial in rural Zimbabwe: an overview
Mduduzi Mbuya

The WASH Benefits Trial: an evaluation of the impact of water, sanitation, hygiene and nutritional interventions on child growth, development and environmental enteric dysfunction in Kenya and Bangladesh
Christine P. Stewart

Plenary Q&A

Day 3

Session 8

Panel Discussion – An overview of on-going operational research
Chair: Christine P. Stewart
Panel: Susanna Smets, Antonio Vargas, Mathias Altman, Ken Maleta, & Jennifer Orgle

Session 9

Summarizing actions, the way forward, and recommendations for the IAEA
William A Petri, Jr., Paul Kelly, & Mark Manary

Closing Remarks
Cornelia Loechl and Jo Zaremba