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IAEA WHO UNICEF Joint Workshop 2017

Joint IAEA-WHO-UNICEF workshop on analysis of biological pathways to better understand the double burden of malnutrition and to inform action planning

Recorded Sessions


Welcome and opening remarks: objectives and logistics and Brief Introductions & Expectations - Cornelia Loechl (IAEA) -

Session 1

The rapid shifts in the stages of the Nutrition Transition and the Double Burden of Malnutrition in low and middle income countries - Barry Popkin -

The Double Burden of Malnutrition: How do we get out? - Boyd Swinburn -

Session 2

Double burden of malnutrition - situation analysis from Africa - Shane Norris -

Double burden of malnutrition - situation analysis from Asia Pacific - Emorn Udomkesmalee -

Double burden of malnutrition - situation analysis from Latin America - Manuel Ramirez -

Double burden of malnutrition- situation analysis from Europe - Karin Schindler

Adding to the situation analysis based on new IAEA data - Christine Slater -

Session 3

A socio-ecological model of the double burden of malnutrition - Jonathan Wells

Trans-generational impact of the double burden of malnutrition - Berthold Koletzo -

The double burden of malnutrition across the life course - Chittaranjan S.Yajnik -

The role of mycotoxins contamination in the double burden of malnutrition - Michael Routledge

Session 4

The role of double duty actions in addressing the double burden of malnutrition - Corinna Hawkes -


Framework for action and impact across the Decade of Action on Nutrition - Francesco Branca -

Bridges, linkages and opportunities in addressing malnutrition: double-duty and beyond - Barry Popkin -

Session 5

Nutrition-sensitive agriculture and food systems interventions - Charlotte Dufour -

WCRF International NOURISHING policy framework - Bryony Sinclair

HeLTI Linked International Intervention Cohorts - Shoo Lee -

Promoting healthier diets through intersectoral interventions in community retail food stores - Catherine Mah -

The Institute of Nutrition of Central America and Panama (INCAP) Nutrition Trial Cohort Study (INTC) in Guatemala - Manuel Ramirez -

Fighting obesity in Mexico: Supporting the design and evaluation of effective social actions and public policies - Simon Barquera-

Incorporating Breast feeding and Clinical nutrition criteria into Hospital accreditation system in Vietnam - Duong Huy Luong -

Tackling the double burden of malnutrition: the Malaysian experience - Poh Bee Koon -

Promotion of healthy nutrition and lifestyle: experience with regulation of meal standards in schools and kindergartens in The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - Igor Spiroski -

Implementation of the Kenya Breast-milk Substitutes Monitoring System - Gladys Mugambi -

UNICEF’s approach to the double burden of malnutrition - Maaike Arts -


Session 7

Measuring physical activity across the lifespan and its link to the double burden of malnutrition - Klaas Westerterp -

Multi-dimensional indicators of child growth and development - Hinke Haisma

The omics approach in measuring the double burden of malnutrition - Dolores Corella

Which data are missing on implementation aspects and impact? - Jef Leroy -