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DBMal Symposium 2018

Opening Ceremony

video stream of Opening session


Pictures of day 1 available as a zip file

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Session 1

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Session 2

Ana Carla Cepeda: Iron metabolism definedusing stableisotopes in obesity

Session 3 - Preconception (1000+ DAYS)

video stream of Session 3

Daniel Hoffman: 1000+ days: A unique opportunity to influence lifelong health

David Ross: Nutrition and health of adolescent girls

Estefania Custodio: Dietary diversity in women of reproductive age

Shane Norris: Intervention strategies to improve nutrition and health behaviour before conception

Guest Lecture

video stream of lecture

Lawrence Haddad: Businesses: How to make them a smaller part of the nutrition problem and a bigger part of the solution

Session 4 - Maternal Nutrition

video stream of Session 4

Shane Norris: Long term consequences of maternal malnutrition for offspring health

Rebecca Kuriyan-Raj: How to assess maternal body composition during pregnancy

Angela de Silva: Intervention strategies to improve nutrition and health behaviour during pregnancy

Daily Wrap-up

Wrap-up of day 1

Evening reception


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Session 5 - Infant and yound child feeding I –Breastfeeding

video stream of Session 5

Nigel Rollins: Breastfeeding: New knowledge and old failures

Christine Slater: How to use stable isotope techniques for assessment of breastfeeding patterns?

Anna Coutsoudis: Breastfeeding patterns and infant body composition

Maaike Arts: Enabling factors to promote and support breastfeeding

Session 6 - Infant and yound child feeding II - Complementary Feeding

video stream of Session 6

Daniel Hoffman: Complementary feeding practices and growth

France Bégin: Essentials of complementary feeding and national bottleneck analysis

Aisha Yousafzai: Responsive feeding: Evidence on association with child nutrition status

Session 7

J. Alfredo Martinez: Epigenetics within the double burden of malnutrition

Carla Taddei: Child´s microbiome and malnutrition

Session 8 - Undernutrition

video stream of Session 8

Jonathan Wells: Optimising the balance between metabolic capacity and metabolic load for lifelong health

Chittaranjan Yajnik: Trans-generational impact of the double burden of malnutrition: A case study from India

Martha Mwangome: Understanding children who are both wasted and stunted: What we know from exploring existing data?

Alan Jackson: Considerations for the Health System for addressing the Double Burden of Malnutrition

Henrik Friis: Short-term effects of treatment of acute malnutrition; examples from Uganda and Burkina Faso

Nancy Aburto: Doing double duty for prevention and treatment of acute malnutrition

Global Energy Expenditure Data: Launch of the IAEA DLW International Database

video stream of DLW launch

John Speakman: Launch of the IAEA Doubly-labelled water database


Pictures of day 3 available as a zip file

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Session 9 - Obesity

video stream of Session 9

Stewart Trost: Tools for population level assessment ofphysical activity

John Speakman: Assessing the role of physical activity and sedentary behaviour for metabolic health

Peggy Koniz-Booher: Improving the Quality of Nutrition Counselling in Primary Health Care Settings

Antonios Proestakis: Social network interventions to increase physical activity

Yannis Manios: School and community based interventions for the prevention of obesity and NCDs in Europe: ToyBox-Study and feel4diabetesstudy

Session 10 - Parallel Sessions

Yun Yun Gong: Impact of environmental toxins on child malnutrition

Session 11 - Food Systems

video stream of Session 11

Rafael Perez-Escamilla: Food Insecurity and the double burden of malnutrition

Jessica Fanzo: Food systems: Their role in improving diets sustainably and addressing the double burden of malnutrition

France Bégin: Shaping food systems for children

Anthony Calibo: The Philippines’ “Unang Yakap” (First Embrace): Implementing an Integrated Quality Improvement Practice for Newborn Health and the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative

Ricardo Uauy: Chilean Healthy Eating Law

Simon Barquera: Regulatory efforts in Mexico: Impact of taxation

Boyd Swinburn: Assessing food environments and monitoring policy implementation

Vicente Domingo: The opportunity for urban planning to encourage healthier living

Daily Wrap-up

Wrap-up of day 3


Pictures of day 4 available as a zip file

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Session 12 - Regional Parallel Sessions: Africa

video stream of Session 12A

Shane Norris: Evidence base on the region-specific context, causes, and health and economic consequences of the double burden of malnutrition

Juddy Maureen Jean-Baptiste: Policies and measures to address the double burden of malnutrition and dietrelated NCDs in the African Region

Betty Mogesi Samburu: International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes: Kenya country example

Tshimi Lynn Moeng Mahlangu: Understanding the double burden of malnutrition and approaches to tackle it: Lessons from South Africa

Session 12 - Regional Parallel Sessions: Asia/Pacific

Angela de Silva, Juliawati Untoro: Addressing the double burden of malnutrition: Double duty actions in the health systems response to reduce maternal undernutrition

Jovita B. Raval: Country Case: Maternal Nutrition in the Philippines

Emorn Udomkesmalee: Strengthening Maternal Nutrition Data for Policy and Program in Selected ASEAN Countries

Session 12 - Regional Parallel Sessions: Europe, Central Asia and Eastern Mediterranean

Ludmilla Wiszczor: Examples from the IAEA’s Technical Cooperation programme in nutrition

Jo Martin Jewell: Overview of efforts to address unhealthy diets, prevent obesity and eradicate pockets of undernutrition in the WHO European Region: surveillance, policy development and evaluation

Ayoub Al Jawaldeh: Development of a Regional Framework on Obesity Prevention in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMR)

Knut-Inge Klepp: Using market regulations to tackle overweight and obesity: An example from Norway

Amirhossein Yarparvar: Necessity of establishing Regional Nutrition Partnership and Capacity Building Network in Central Asia and Caucasus

Session 12 - Regional Parallel Sessions: Latin America and the Caribbean

Pilar Murillo Fuentes: Examples from the IAEA’s TechnicalCooperation programme in nutrition

Ruben Grajeda: Regional overview

Kimberly Ashby-Mitchell: School-based interventions to tackle the double burden of malnutrition in the Caribbean

Eduardo Nilson: Brazilian commitments to the UN Decade of Action on Nutrition

Session 13 - Nutrition findings from WFP and 3ie Impact Evaluations of Humanitarian Assistance

video stream of Session 13

Session 14 - Bridging the Evidence

video stream of Session 14

Emorn Udomkesmalee: Keynote speech: How to strengthen the link between biology and implementation for sustainable action

Session 15 - Closing Session

video stream of Session 15

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Press Release: New IAEA Database to Help Countries Tackle Growing Obesity Crisis, 12 December 2018

Video: Improving Health with Atomic Precision in Mauritius, 10 December 2018
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