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Total Energy Expenditure

The assessment of total energy expenditure (TEE) can be used to develop and evaluate interventions to improve diet and increase physical activity, and to validate energy intake methods. The IAEA supports the application of the doubly labelled water (DLW) technique. This reference method is the only technique that enables the assessment of TEE under free-living conditions without disruption to everyday activities, making it ideal for use in many field settings. Please visit the related links to the right for more information on the theoretical background as well as the practical application of the DLW technique.

IAEA Publications

Assessment of Body Composition and Total Energy Expenditure in Humans Using Stable Isotope Techniques IAEA Human Health Series No. 3; 2009, 133 pp. International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria.
Provides information on the theoretical background, including safety considerations, as well as the practical application of state of the art methodologies to monitor changes in body composition and total energy expenditure, and reflects recent advances in analytical techniques.

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