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Tuesday, 20 June 2017


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I. Isayev: A centralized model of effective radiation oncology service development:the Azerbaijan Republic experience
C. Said: Audit of the Radiotherapy Waiting Times for Patients in Malta
P. Pattaranutaporn: Trend of availability and use of Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy(IMRT) in Thailand, statistical report from 2008 to 2015
E. Fiagbedzi: Radiotherapy in cancer treatment in Ghana: from the past to present
M. Chirila: The risk for developing a second primary tumor in long surviving cancer patients

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R.V. Kumar: Cost of radiotherapeutic management of patients with cancer in regional cancer center in India
M.A. Hussain: Photon Boost after Lumpectomy in Breast Cancer and Acute Toxicities in NwGH & RC.
L. Souhami: Atypical meningiomas: is there a role for post-operative radiotherapy?
R. Buecker: Roadmap for setting up a comprehensive state of the art radiation oncology facility at Mbingo Baptist Hospital (MBH) Cameroon

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P.C. Guerrero-Leonr: Radiotherapy in Peru: shortage and inequities in access and solution proposal
E. Figueroa Medina: Clinical outcomes and beam quality correlations on skin cancer radiotherapy management in Mexico: A national institute experience: 2000-2013
M.J. Calaguas: The Past, Present and Future Directions of Radiotherapy in Asia: Linking Technology and the Fight Against Cancer

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T. Pidlubna: Status of Radiotherapy and results of TLD postal dose quality audit in Ukraine
B. Moftah: Challenges and solutions of establishing advanced radiation oncology services in low and middle income (LMI) countries
A. Kavuma: Broken Machines or Broken Systems – The Ugandan Experience, on Accessing / Maintaining Radiotherapy Services, in Low and Middle-Income Countries
E. Rosenblatt: Radiotherapy utilization in developing countries: an IAEA study.

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H.O. Ghafour: Challenges and solutions, advantages and disadvantages of launching 1st 3-Dimensional brachytherapy in a developing wartorn country (Iraq) using Co-60 High Dose Rate (HDR) source
E. Zubizarreta: Availability of radiotherapy in Africa: past and present of an unsolved problem
P. Hill: Radiotherapy in Nepal: A view from Medical Physics
H .Kammoun: Small cell lung cancer: A retrospective study of 70 cases
R. Correa Villar: Two Dimensional (2D) vsThree dimensional (3D) treatment planning in Paediatric Radiation Oncology. Less technology can be acceptable?


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H. Bakkali: High dose rate surface Brachytherapy for skin with Flap applicator. Technique and discussion of a case
M.Zaghloul: Hypofractionated radiation for pediatric diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma (DIPG) is non-inferior to conventional fractionation: A prospective randomized trial including 222 children.
G.K. Jain: Dosimetric comparison of dose to contralateral breast in postmestectomy patients treated using different treatment techniques
A. Abaza: Role of radiotherapy in multiple myeloma; a multicentric experience

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G.K. Jain: Measurement of testicular dose during the treatment of Ewing Sarcoma patient underwent External Beam Radiotherapy
N. Khataniar: Early results and toxicity profile of Glioblastoma multiforme patients treated with hypofractionated Radiotherapy along with concurrent Temozolomide.

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C. Pessoa de Sales: Comparison of points and volumetric doses using CT and MR images for 3D planning brachytherapy: A Brazilian experience
A. Mahmoud: Age and Insulin levels in breast cancer women and healthy women
A. Mahmoud: Breast Cancer Recurrence Monitoring a corroding to Tumor Subtypes: Role of Serum Tumor Markers CA 15-3 and CEA using Radioimmunoassay
D.M. Cernea: Hypofractionated conformal radiotherapy and chemotheapy in treatment of malignant gliomas
B. Mukherjee: Neutron-Gamma Mixed field Dosimetry on a Child phantom under Therapeutic Proton Irradiation using TL Dosimeters

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