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Please note that only presentations that have been approved for sharing by their originators are available online.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017


09:30–10:00 Eduardo Roseblatt: From ICARO1 to ICARO2: the radiation oncologist perspective
10:00–10:30 Geoffrey Ibbott: From ICARO1 to ICARO2: the medical physicist perspective

SESSION 3: Global cancer challenges and role of radiotherapy

11:00–11:05 Mary Evans-Gospodarowicz: Challenges in cancer control
11.05–11.10 Alfredo Polo: Sustainability of radiotherapy in LMIC
11.10–11.15 David Jaffray: Innovating to meet the demand for RT
11:15–11:20 Yolande Lievens: Reimbursement in HIC
11:20–11:25 David Followill: Auditing advanced technologies

SESSION 4: DIrectory of RAdiotherapy Centres, DIRAC

12:15–12:30 Joanna Izewska

SESSION 5A: e-Contouring workshop

12:30–14:00 Billy W. Loo

SESSION 5B: Symposium: Paediatric radiotherapy

12:30–12:55 Mohamed Zaghloul: Paediatric medulloblastoma
12:55–13:20 Rosangela Correa Villar: Benefits of High Technology applied to Paediatric Radiation Oncology
13:20–13:45 Felipe Calvo: Paediatric intraoperative electron radiotherapy: results and innovations

SESSION 6: Requirements for safe and effective transition to new/appropriate technologies

14.00–14.05 Pierre Scalliet
14.05–14.10 Jacob Van Dyk
14.10–14.15 Debbie Van Der Merwe
14.15–14.20 Mary Coffey

SESSION 7: Health economics of cancer

15:00–15:25 Yolande Lievens: Health economics of cancer

SESSION 8: Education and training

16:00–16:15 Giorgia Loreti: IAEA Education and Training activities in Radiotherapy
16:15–16:25 Richard Poetter: ESTRO School
16:25–16:35 Renato Padovani: Abstract 140: ICTP, Trieste University, Italian and Croatian Medical Physics: A training opportunity for young physicists from Developing Countries (Proffered Paper)
16:35–16:45 Kin Yin Cheung: Abstract 142: Accreditation of Education and Professional Standards of Medical Physicists (Proffered Paper)
16:45–16:55 Meredith Giuliani: Abstract 125: Addressing Global Radiation Medicine Human Resource Gaps Through Educational Innovation (Proffered Paper)
16:55–17:05 Tania Furquim: Abstract 308: Implementation of the Brazil's National Training Program for Radiotherapy Technicians - Preliminary Results (Proffered Paper)
17:05–17:15 Ioan Valentin Cernea: Abstract 112: Competency-based Education of RTT's in Romania: Changing the Paradigm to Prepare the Future (Proffered Paper)
16:15–17:25 Daniel Scanderbeg: Abstract 100: Competency based education and training in radiation oncology (Proffered Paper)
17:25–17:35 Ahmad Nobah: Abstract 226: International Radiotherapy Plan Competition: A step towards better planning and global transfer of knowledge (Proffered Paper)

Wednesday , 21 June 2017


07:30–07:50 Eduardo Rosenblatt: Revisiting ICRU volume definitions
07:50–08:10 Kenneth Hu: How to incorporate clinical information and natural tumour history in CTV definition
08:30–08:50 Joep Stroom: ITV and PTV margins for IGRT
08:30–08:50 Ben Heijmen: Autoplanning in the IGRT era

SESSION 9B: Small field dosimetry

07:30–08:10 Pedro Andreo: Physics of small fields
08:10–08:50 Hugo Palmans: IAEA/AAPM code of practice for the dosimetry of small field static fields used in external beam radiotherapy

SESSION 9C:Radiotherapy plan competition initiative

07:30–08:45 Ahmad Nobah: Radiation Knowledge Initiative - 2017 Radiotherapy Plan Competition - Winners Announcements - Radiation Knowledge ... What's Next

SESSION 10A: Breast and cervix cancer

09:00–09:20 Gerard Hanna: Recent advances and current status of radiotherapy for breast cancer
09:20–09:28 Borislava Petrovic: Abstract 105: Left breast radiation therapy - institutional analysis of doses to heart and LAD (Proffered Paper)
09:28–09:36 C Maria Kalil Haddad: Abstract 80: “Hybrid” 3D/VMAT technique for irradiation of patients with breast cancer and unfavorable anatomy. Preliminary dosimetric study (Proffered Paper)
09:36–09:56 Richard Poetter: Recent advances and current status of radiotherapy for cervix cancer
09:56–10:04 Warren Bacorro: Abstract 25: Nodal doses during image-guided adaptive brachytherapy for cervical cancer and implication to simultaneous integrated boost (Proffered Paper)
10:04–10:12 Shingo Kato: Abstract 328: Multi-institutional clinical studies of chemoradiotherapy for cervical cancer among Asian countries under the framework of Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia (FNCA)
10:12–10:20 Warren Bacorro: Abstract 158: Dose-volume effects in pathologic lymph nodes in cervical cancer (Proffered Paper)

SESSION 10B: Small field dosimetry

09:00–09:30 M. Saiful Huq: Implementation of the IAEA/AAPM code of practice for the dosimetry of small field static fields used in external beam radiotherapy.
09:30–09:40 Wolfgang Lechner: Abstract 144, 'Initial Experiences in Testing The IAEA/AAPM Code of Practice on Small Field Dosimetry' (Proffered Paper)
09:40–09:50 Jose Manuel Larraga-Gutierrez: Abstract 84, 'Application of output correction factors for three small beam radiation detectors: comparison of results for a TrueBeam Stx linac.' (Proffered Paper)
09:50–10:00 Maria Pimpinella: Abstract 301, 'Application of the PTW microDiamond in small field dosimetry on different accelerators: Comparative measurements and Monte Carlo calculations' (Proffered Paper)
10:00–10:10 Lalageh Mirzakhanian: Abstract 296, 'Monte Carlo calculated correction factors for nine detectors in Leksell Gamma Knife Perfexion unit' (Proffered Paper)
10:10–10:20 Olivia Amanda Garcia Garduño: Abstract 86, 'Influence of detector specific correction factors in dose distributions for small photon beams' (Proffered Paper)
10:20–10:30 Wojciech Bulski: Abstract 45: ‘Nationwide audit of small fields output calculations in Poland’ (Proffered Paper)

SESSION 11B: Quality in radiotherapy: various dimensions

11:00–11:15 Stephen F. Kry: The critical importance of high quality radiation therapy
11:15–11:30 Joanna Izewska: IAEA experiences with QUATRO audits
11:30–11:40 A. C. Shulman: Abstract 242: Quality Assurance Team for Radiation Oncology (QUATRO): The National Center for Cancer Care & Research (NCCCR) experience (Proffered Paper)
11:40–11:50 Suzana Stojanovic-Rundic: Abstract 238: Quality Assurance Team for Radiation Oncology (QUATRO) audit to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia: example of good impact on the development of radiotherapy in the institution (Proffered Paper)
11:50–12:00 Tomas Kron: Abstract 277: Moving a large and complex radiotherapy department: a medical physics perspective (Proffered Paper)
12:00–12:10 Maxime Coevoet: Abstract 274: IT safety requirements in the Radiation Therapy field: risks and solutions all over the process (Proffered Paper)
12:10–12:20 Bozidar Casar: Abstract 109: Cost-effective public procurements of equipment for radiotherapy: starting point of patient's safety (Proffered Paper)
12:20–12:30 Eduardo Rosenblatt: Abstract 325: Quality of Radiotherapy Services in post-Soviet countries: an IAEA survey (Proffered Paper)

SESSION 11C: Towards a radical treatment of oligometastases

11:45–11:50 Felipe Calvo: Introduction to the treatment of Oligometastases
11:50–12:10 M. Saiful Huq: Imaging and treatment delivery from a Medical Physics perspective
12:10–12:30 Gerard Hanna: Treatment delivery and clinical evidence for the treatment of oligometastasis

SESSION 12A: e-Contouring workshop, Head and neck

12:30–14:00 Trainer: Kenneth Hu

SESSION 13A: Access to high quality care: challenges and possible solutions

14:10–14:20 Kennedy Lishimpi
14:20–14:30 Yavuz Anacak
14:30–14:40 Karen Christaki

SESSION 13B: The role of international organizations and professional societies – Part 1

14:00–15:25 Yolande Lievens
  Takashi Nakano
  Mary Evans-Gospodarowicz
  Surbhi Grover
  Soehartati Gondhowiardjo
  Francis Chin
  Lotfi Kochbati
  Kenneth Hu
  Hugo Marsiglia
  Tomas Cobo Castro

SESSION 13C: Imaging for planning and treatment delivery in external beam radiotherapy – Part 1

15:00–15:25 Tomas Kron: Imaging for planning and treatment delivery in EBRT

SESSION 14A: Imaging for planning and treatment delivery in external beam radiotherapy – Part 2

16:00–17:45 Gerard Hanna
  Graciela Velez
  Jeyasingam Jeyasugiththan
  John Schreiner

SESSION 14B: The role of international organizations and professional societies – Part 2

16:00–17:45 Norman Coleman
  Rengaswamy Sankaranarayanan
  M. Saiful Huq
  Tomas Kron
  Kin Yin Cheung
  Stefano Gianolini
  Jacob van Dyk
  Francis Hasford
  Rodolfo Alfonso-Laguardia

Thursday, 22 June 2017

SESSION 15A: Past, present and future of brachytherapy

7:30–7:55 Christine Haie-Meder: Introduction to brachytherapy, history, and indications
7:55-8:25 Richard Poetter: Image-guided brachytherapy in cervical cancer – Clinical aspects
8:25-8:50 Christian Kirisits: Image guided adaptive brachytherapy (in cervix cancer) – Physics aspects

SESSION 15B: QA for modern RT techniques

7:30–8:05 Pierre Scalliet: Organising QA management in a radiotherapy department- Involvement of different professions
8:05-8:40 Eric Ford: Looking at whole department workflows and evaluate potential issues
8:40-8:50 Geoffrey Ibbott: QA developments with examples to modern techniques

SESSION 15C: Full automation in radiotherapy

7:30–7:45 Beth Beadle: Clinical background
7:45-8:15 Laurence Court: Automated treatment planning
8:15-8:45 Beth Beadle: Evaluation of workflow & plan quality (feedback)
8:45-8:45 Laurence Court: Evaluation of workflow & plan quality (feedback)

SESSION 16A: Prostate and head and neck cancer

9:00–9:25 Mack Roach: Overview of radiotherapy for prostate cancer
9:25-9:35 Hidemasa Kawamura: Abstract 187: Carbon Ion Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer; a nationwide survey of the Japan Carbon-ion Radiation Oncology Study Group (J-CROS 1501) (Proffered Paper)
9:35-10:00 Kenneth Hu: Overview of radiotherapy for head and neck cancer
10:00-10:10 Tejinder Kataria: Abstract 65: Treatment of Head and Neck cancers with modulated radiation at an Indian Centre (Proffered Paper)
10:10-10:20 Jerickson Abbie Flores: Abstract 23 Matrix Metalloproteinaise I (MMP-1) Levels as a Predictive Marker of Oral Mucositis Severity Among Head And Neck Carcinoma Patients Undergoing Radiotherapy (Proffered Paper)

SESSION 16B: QA from simulation to delivery

9:00–9:15 Joanna Izewska: Dosimetry audits in radiotherapy: IAEA perspective
9:15-9:30 David Followill: Credentialling of Advanced Radiotherapy Technology: An Independent Peer Review Process
9:30-9:45 Catharine Clark: Effective and efficient radiotherapy dosimetry audit: Where to next?
9:45-10:10 Nuria Jornet: Plan quality monitoring: treatment planning and delivery
10:10-10:15 Yvonne Roed: Abstract 315: Polymer gel dosimetry: a promising 3D quality assurance tool for magnetic resonance-image guided radiotherapy
10:15-10:30 Maria do Carmo Lopes: Abstract 118: SRS in Tomotherapy: What we gain, what we lose comparing to Linac based SRS? (Proffered Paper)

SESSION 17: Practical implementation of new technologies in LMIC

11:00–11:10 Jacob Van Dyk
11:10-11:20 Paul Ravindran Babu Rao
11:20-11:30 George F. Acquah
11:30-11:40 Soehartati Gondhowiardjo

Friday, 23 June 2017