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Safety of Your Staff

A radiation oncology facility represents a potentially dangerous workplace for staff, with many possible occupational hazards. In order to create a safe working environment for staff, affirmative actions are required by both management and individual workers.

Actions required by management include the following

  • Ensuring that all equipment is well maintained, particularly with regard to radiation and electrical safety
  • Ensuring that the workplace is safe, with adequate lighting and ventilation
  • Ensure that placards, posters and barriers are erected to inform staff of hazards and to prevent entry to restricted zones.
  • Ensuring compliance with relevant Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations
  • Development of an orientation program for new staff
  • Requirement for training for new tasks and re-training for existing tasks
  • Development of a safety culture throughout the organisation
  • Development and support of a quality improvement program for risk management and a quality cycle for quality improvement
  • Development and support of an incident reporting system that ensures all incidents and near misses are investigated promptly, with remedial action as appropriate.
  • Initiate and support drills and emergency preparedness exercises.

Actions required by individual workers include

  • Develop attitudes and behaviours that are aligned and contribute to a safety culture
  • Being aware of the implications of their own actions
  • Observe all OHS and other policies and procedures within the organisation
  • Use the recommended manual handling technique
  • Practice universal precautions for infection control and added precautions as required
  • Maintain vigilance for hazards and promptly report any issues
  • Be aware of emergency response procedures and participate in drills and emergency preparedness exercises
  • Anticipate and avoid potentially dangerous or hazardous situations
  • Be aware of access to security personnel.

Remember, staff should be the greatest asset of an organisation. A safe organisation is likely to be an efficient organisation.