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Current IAEA Research

Article III of the IAEA Statute authorizes the IAEA to encourage and assist research on, and development and practical application of, atomic energy for peaceful purposes throughout the world and to foster the exchange of scientific and technical information, as well as the exchange of scientists in the field of peaceful uses of atomic energy. The IAEA’s Coordinated Research Activities stimulate and coordinate the undertaking of research in selected nuclear fields by scientists in IAEA Member States.
The IAEA supports research under its programmes, subprogrammes and projects that are listed in its approved Programme and Budget. These Coordinated Research Activities are normally implemented through Coordinated Research Projects (CRPs) which bring together research institutes in both developing and developed Member States to collaborate on research topics of common interest. Research, technical and doctoral contracts and research agreements are awarded to institutes in Member States for their completion of research work under these CRPs. The IAEA may also respond to proposals from institutes for participation in the research activities under individual research contracts not related to a CRP. A small portion of available funds is used to finance individual projects, which deal with topics covered by the IAEA’s scientific programme.

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Doctoral CRP on clinical and experimental studies to improve radiotherapy outcome in AIDS cancer patients



Resource sparing curative treatment in breast cancer



Clinical/radiobiological study on viral-induced cancers’ response to radiotherapy, with comprehensive morbidity assessment



Improving outcomes in radiotherapy using new strategies of treatment delivery with focus on oesophageal cancer



Investigation of optimal irradiation and type of irradiation in treatment of painful bone metastases



Radiotherapy and chemotherapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer



Altered fractionation and radio-sensitisation in head-and-neck cancer radiotherapy



Optimization of radiotherapy in low resource settings: paediatric cancer patients



Improving outcomes in radiotherapy using novel biotechnologies: modification of tissue reactions and the use of stem-cell therapeutics



Short course versus standard course radiotherapy in elderly and/or fragile patients with glioblastoma multiforme



Resource-sparing curative treatment for rectal cancer



New: Resource sparing curative radiotherapy for locally advanced squamous cell cancer of head and neck



Safety and optimization of radiation sterilization in tissue banking: studies on functional properties of irradiated tissue grafts

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