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Exiting the Hot Lab

When the radiopharmacist or technician leaves the hot lab, he should take care to follow a number of safety procedures. These are shown in the video below:

The steps in detail are as follows:

  • take off the gloves used during the work with radioactive materials and discard them in a radioactive waste bin

    Gloves worn during working with radioactive materials are removed in such a way that any contamination on the outside cannot be transferred onto the hands.

  • leave his dosimeter (and when appropriate ring dosimeter(s)) in a specially designated holder

    Placing the dosimeter in its holder

  • take off the special lab-coat

    Taking off the special lab-coat

  • exchange the special ‘lab-shoes’ for his own shoes, or, if wearing overshoes, to remove them and discard them in the waste bin

    Removing the overshoes and putting them in the waste bin

  • check his body and clothing for  possible contamination with radioactive material, taking extra care to monitor his hands

    Hands are checked for contamination with radioactivity using a proportional counter

    Monitoring for radioactive contamination using a hand and foot monitor

  • remove all his personal belongings from the changing room

Only after these precautions are taken can the radiopharmacist or technician leave the lab.

Practise these procedures in an interactive animation.