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Planning a PET clinical centre

Establishing a positron emission tomography (PET) centre is a large scale process that requires careful planning, inputs from multiple stakeholders,the support and approval of relevant authorities, secure funding, and a detailed implementation strategy. The need for a carefully planned strategy is even more essential in the conditions prevailing in a developing country, where the introduction of PET may be impeded by a scarcity of financial resources and, in many cases, an inadequate understanding of the potential roles and contributions PET imaging can play in a health care system.

This publication addresses the issues related to the establishment of a PET centre in a systematic manner, with the aim of setting out a well defined pathway for establishing a cyclotron/PET centre capable of providing advanced PET/CT imaging services to the general population. The focus of this strategy is to acquire approval for the project and the necessary resources from the authorities through the systematic preparation of the required information and justifying arguments.